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Based on the abortion thing...

Republicans are weenies


Speaking for myself, I've never had an abortion and am glad my mother didn't.

Nevertheless, I resent politicians trying to turn (what should be) a tremendously personal life-changing (and life-ending) decision into a political football. Government has no business in private citizens' bedrooms and even less in their wombs.

Which brings up this subject: Republicans are weenies. Actually, so are Democrats. Come to think about it, so are all politicians but Republicans especially (this coming from a person who has voted Republican in every presidential election since I became eligible). I say this based upon the way the GOP candidates go out of their ways to appeal to members of their (narrower than Democratic) constituency, even when those members' views may be held by a minority within that constituency; they can't afford, it seems, to lose any of them.

In explanation: The GOP has traditionally ascribed to the philosophy that less government is good--unless of course, more government will cement votes or make them or their cronies some money. The DEMs, on the other hand, have generally accepted that more government is the solution to all problems--no conflict for them as it has permitted them to legally buy our votes (with our money) and make money for themselves and their pals.

But at least the DEMs have had dynamic goals and programs based upon positive action--usually built around the reduction of suffering of one sort or another. The fact that they couldn't deliver on these promises or couldn't afford to deliver on these promises (or that the suffering would have ended anyway without costly government intervention) didn't seem to be an impediment to their attempts to curry voter favor. A recent example of this, in a presidential election, would be President Obama's health care initiative. Promising to provide a high level of health care to all (irrespective of whether the country could afford it) was a Siren song to those who didn't want (or couldn't afford) to pay for it, or those who felt entitled to the best service available. The fact that his program was both unaffordable and unconstitutional did little to dissuade the President or those who supported him or the Democratic Congress who turned his program into the law of the land.

This proactive positive approach of the DEMs, despite the fact it was nothing but lip service to the electorate, won the White House for them. American voters seen to  prefer the promise of positive action over negative inaction when it comes to election time. And a promise for game-changing legislation with a positive result is action at the highest level. Contrast this with GOP promises--they are going to eliminate assorted and sundry agencies; they are going to eliminate regulations; they are going to eliminate impediments to business; they are going to eliminate affirmative action; they are going to eliminate ABORTION. Republican promises seem to be of a negative persuasion.

As I firmly believe in small government and am, therefore, predisposed toward Republican tradition, may I suggest to the GOP that it mount a  positive, action-oriented campaign aimed at real concerns of a wide spectrum of voters, without getting caught up in appealing to vocal fringes within its traditional base. And do this with the positive spin of reduced costs and increased benefits rather than the negative spin of elimination. Applying this to the four hot buttons of American politics:

  • Wealth and jobs--are not the result of government programs; they are the result of commerce--small business, big business, all business--pure and simple. We will do whatever is morally responsible to encourage commerce. Doing this should result in X% increase in GDM  resulting in the creation of X number of new jobs.

  • Energy and ecology--our commerce and, indeed, our very lives require vast amounts of energy. Recognize that: 1) based upon the energy requirements of our huge population and commerce there is, presently, no viable, affordable alternative to fossil fuels, 2) the law of supply and demand cannot be ignored over the long term, 3) our country has vast stores of petroleum and coal still un-tapped and 4) we have even greater stores of environmentally cleaner natural gas as well as proven "fracking" technology for extracting it in an environmentally responsible way. Encourage the development of these resources and remove unnecessary regulatory impediments to it. The implementation of this policy should result in an X% increase in fuel availability, resulting in a X% reduction in fuel price increases, and a X% reduction in smokestack and exhaust pipe emissions.

  • National security--having and not needing the world's greatest military is far preferable to needing and not having. However, the greatest threat to the American people (other than government) is from radical terrorists within our borders. We will maintain our military superiority. However we will not deploy them overseas except in the case of clear-cut, dire, immediate threat to our people or institutions. If overseas deployment is warranted, we will only do so with a clear-cut goal, which we will accomplish in short order, by using our military superiority to whatever degree is warranted. In this manner, we will protect our people and their ways of life. And woe unto him, her or they who try to #### with either.

And last but not least, ABORTION:

  • We believe in the sanctity of human life and will not play a part in ending it. We also believe in the rights of individuals to determine what is best for them and their unborn and will do nothing to impinge upon these rights.

Simplistic? Probably. Immoral? Depends on who you ask. Offensive to some voters who Republicans generally count as part of their camp? Maybe.

But of this I have no doubt: continuing in the direction the GOP seems to be headed, they have lost my vote (even if no one else gets it).


If you agree with this, pass it on. If you don't, please let me know.