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Will the REAL fascist
please stand up?

I'm not really a fan (no offense intended, just a personal opinion) of Ann Coulter.

To my way of thinking, she seems predisposed toward being a provocateur of the left rather than a standard-bearer for the right. Love her or loathe her, however, the lady is sharp. Rather than withering under the bushwhack interview tactics of Piers Morgan on CNN, she more than held her own (again, my opinion) despite Piers' home field advantage. Piers, it seemed, was attempting to back Ann into a very uncomfortable corner by attempting to ask "loaded" questions the answers to which (or even no answer at all) would tend to disparage Tea Party supporters by inferring they were half-witted lemming-like fascists.

To illustrate with an example of a loaded question: Does your Mom still do sailors?

The tactic of attempting to associate a person or group to which one is apposed, with another group or action widely regarded as negative is as old as politics itself. It is guilt by implied association. Probably no single group in the history of the world is more universally despised than the fascists regimes of Germany and Italy preceding and during WW II. Therefore, getting an audience to think of fascism and the Tea Party in the same breath, is a sure-fire way to tarnish the TP and it's supporters.

Unless, that is, you stop to think about it. If you do, I suspect that you'll find that Piers' tactics were less damaging to the Tea Part and it's supporters than they were to others on the current political stage.

For that reason, may I suggest you take this short quiz to determine to whom the damage was done:

For the concepts below, check all the groups to the right you feel are favorable towards them Tea
Nazi Party
1. Expanded role of government      
2. Active government participation/control over essential businesses      
3. Empowerment of government-appointed officials to oversee specific areas of commerce      
4. Empowerment of government-appointed officials to be responsible for specific social problems/concerns      
5. "Equitable" redistribution of wealth      
6. Expansion of taxation to fund cost of social programs      
7. Determination and provision of "essentials," at no cost, to those needing them      
8. Favoritism toward certain ethnic or racial characteristics      
9. Abortion as a means of dealing with societal problems      
10.  "Socialism" as part of their party name or agenda      

11. Increased government role in education


12. Control over business pricing to eliminate price gouging


Total number of checks in each column:


Chances are, if you're a far right-wing thinker, your tallies are something like "0," "12," "12."

Or if you're a far left-wing thinker, your tallies are probably more like "2," "12," "8."

But the exact numbers don't really matter. What does matter is that--if you answered honestly--it's pretty clear that any attempt to disparage the position of the Tea Party supporters by associating them with fascism or Nazism is not only disingenuous, it's just plain wrong.

By any except the most selective and exclusionary standards, the fascist regimes of WW II are much more closely aligned with the "big government is better government" thinking that characterizes the left.


Piers Morgan Asks Ann Coulter if Tea Party is Modern Version of Hitler and Mussolini’s Followers