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Steven G. Percifield  Author and consultant
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In praise of
"Grease Monkey"

Written with real insight into the mechanical and human elements of racing competition...
Michael Smith, President, The Hulman Memorial Way Foundation, Board Member, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

A not-so-subtle reminder of the degree to which American culture has changed in the span of a single generation...
Josh Karp, Professor of Journalism, Northwestern University, Author of A Stupid and Futile Gesture and Straight     Down the Middle

A feel-good book with a lot of life lessons...I couldn't put it down.
Dan Callahan, Chief (ret.), Chicago Fire Department

I'm reading it the second time and enjoying it every bit as much.
     Todd Boreham, Plainfield, IL

Some comments from

"A marvelous tale of how two men would not allow the ills of society prevent them from obtaining the mutual dreams that they shared. A wonderful read, start to finish."

(a five-star rating) 

"...this is one of the books that I picked up, and looked forward to reading what was next so much, that I could not put it down.

It was indeed a "good read", and the fact that it was based on true events satisfied my interest in history on an emotional level that I can't reach from watching the History Channel. The book was extremely detailed with the way it reflected the people and times of generations that came before my own. Mixed with action, humor, historical events, and human drama, I not only recommend it to all, but I'm sure I'll read it again."

As a southerner, I seek out the reality of the old south and traditional race relations. I enjoyed the book & recommend it. I only wish it had been on a wider scale with more of what was going on around the characters but it was basically two mens stories about growing together. Alot of heart & soul.


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For Hanson, a novel co-authored by a friend, provided the perfect answer. “Nothing is more widely accepted than the gift of a hard-cover book, signed by an author.”

Hanson purchased multiple copies of the novel “Grease Monkey” by Steven G. Percifield and Herschel W. Gulley. A substantial discount from the cover price kept his costs well within his budget as well as within the policies of the companies’ whose employees received them. “The books were delivered to us pre-signed and ready to give away,” Hanson added.

Dealing with the trial of an interracial auto racing team seeking to participate in the 1928 Indianapolis 500 at a time when Indiana politics were controlled by the Ku Klux Klan, the book captivates the interests of social, automobile and U.S. history buffs, as well as fans of auto racing. According to one reviewer, it is a feel-good book, full of life lessons, which you won’t want to put down. “This makes it,” according to Steve Percifield, one of the authors, “a perfect gift for men or women with a wide range of interests.”

Was the gifting worthwhile for Hanson’s company? “I’m going to do it again,” he responded.

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