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Steven G. Percifield  Author and consultant
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Ferguson, MO Irrefutable truth
Pelosi, Gruber, ACH, Harvard & cells Eschew Obfuscation
Are we hopelessly sensitive? Redskins and Blackhawks and Hoosiers, oh my!
Could It Be the Culture? Flipped out
NBA Intolerant of Intolerance I do not agree with what you say...
State of The Union It doesn't add up
Press Here Murdered Americans vs. Commuter Inconvenience
What's Our Purpose? You can't be Syria-ous
Being President isn't easy Dilemma
Obama says: What conflict? The Conflict Inherent in Unionization of Government Employees
Truancy in Chicago Government-created dependency
Philosophy Big Bird Fed : Ambassador Dead
The Dems have it... "Conventional" thinking
...until he met... The man with no feet
On recent elections June 5; the new Independence Day?
In my mind only... Diane Sawyer-George Romney interview
Sometimes is seems like... Republicans are all weenies
State of anarchy The conflict inherent in unionization of government employees
A permanent underclass Enslaving citizens for political power?
Don't create "jobs;" create commerce A letter to the GOP presidential candidates
Paradigm shifts Democratizing and the Age of Aquarius via the internet
The power of music What's an old guy of 62 to do when confronted by a bunch of biker hoodlums?
A modest proposal for what ails us A modest proposal for the reduction of unintended firearm murders in the greater Chicago-land area, the end of global warming and a reduction in the trade deficit (requiring only modest assistance from the Obama administration)
The lost freedom to fail Lobotomy
Critique of "Grease Monkey" Critique critiqued

Dealing with debt

An inconvenient marriage

How could anyone not disagree?

Disagreement over disagreement with the Casey Anthony verdict?
Chicago "flash mob" attack The racial component of current event perception
Anne Coulter interviewed on CNN Will the REAL fascist please stand up?
Willy T. Ribbs back at Speedway African-American groundbreaker sponsors Indy Lights effort
Protectionism is not a solution Is "buy American" an answer to our economic woes?
Dear Chris and Greg Liberalism and conservatism: the ironies of reversed roles
If it looks like a... Duck!