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Steven G. Percifield  Author and consultant
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Grease Monkey
Races, Racers and Racism collide head-on

Two teenage boys, one black, one white, first meet at night, on a deserted golf course fairway, at opposite ends of a .22 caliber rifle. They become lifelong best friends and partners in a racing team in both American Automobile Association and Colored Speedway Association-sanctioned races. They meet with such success that, with kindness from Louis Chevrolet and intervention from Henry Ford, they are offered a ride in the 1928 Indianapolis 500.

Only two things stand in the way of their participation: the competition and the Ku Klux Klan which at that time controls the governor's mansion and half of the Indiana General Assumbly.                            Based on a true story

Buy a book                              When in Indy, visit the Slippery Noodle Inn, featured in the book "Grease Monkey."

The Intelligent Guide to Your Financial Future (Norbert Mindel and associates with Steve Percifield) explains in clear, concise manner the Nobel Prize-winning "passive investment strategies," espoused by Mindel and company.

Shattering the myths of Wall Street, the financial press and closely managed mutual funds, the book offers an explanation of why preservation of wealth and creation of wealth are inseparable partners and points you in this proven financial direction.

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